Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

B & K Barber College Raleigh Barber Schools - Our Mission Statement

At K & B Barber College our mission is to train our students to master the art and science of barber styling through the teaching of practical and theoretical procedure. K & B will inculcate in our students the importance of good public relationships while preparing them to pass the state board of barber examiners and enter into the job market as a professional barber stylist. K & B is committed to our students, clients, and the community of Raleigh.

Our educational programs are practical and the experience our students gain is relevant to the styles of today’s clients. First students are educated through lectures, textbooks, and online resources. Then they observe a Professional Barber Stylist until they're ready to interact with real customers. All our students are closely supervised until they have proven and demonstrated the skills required to preform on their own. We ensure that every student leaves us with the skills and support they need to maintain a successful Barber Stylist career.

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